Confined Space Rescue

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Our MTS staff has been providing key confined space services since its inception. With this legacy of experience, we are the ideal choice to offer support for all your confined space and standby rescue needs.

Due to the hazardous potential of confined spaces, many response agencies are not properly equipped to respond to confined space emergencies. In these situations, specialized field operations crews and equipment are required to perform the rescue.

MTS Response provides experienced technicians to supervise and manage compliance in projects involving confined space entry and working at heights. We also prepare and implement rescue plans and perform high-level first aid, and are equipped to assist clients with Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment procedures.

Let the MTS team ensure compliance, safety and due diligence for all of your confined space concerns.

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Our Confined Space & Standby Rescue Services Include:

• Space Assessment

• Support Document Writing and Generation

• Rescue Plan Development and Guidance

• Standby and Rescue Services

• Complete High-Angle Services

• Atmospheric Monitoring

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