Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

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  • Reduce training investment
  • Minimize time/productivity lost
  • Lower your cost of compliance
1-10 $32.95
11-25 $30.95
26-50 $27.95
51-100 $25.95
101-500 $22.95

75 minutes of training can save weeks of lost time.

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Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training Program

Everyday, thousands of TDG regulated products are handled, transported, and offered for transport throughout Canada. This online certification program will provide participants with an understanding of the hazards and regulatory requirements associated with dangerous goods controlled products.

This course is required for companies who ship by road and/or rail only. Upon successful completion, a certificate will be issued automatically. Click on the play button on the video above to see a sample of our TDG online training course.


  • Legal and Other
  • Shipping Documents
  • Definitions
  • Safety Marks
  • TDG Classification
  • Containers
  • Schedule 1, 2 and 3
  • Emergency Response [Including exemptions and special cases]
  • Assistance Plan
  • Accidental Release & Reporting Requirements

What is TDG?

The purpose of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Regulations is to promote public safety when dangerous goods are being handled, offered for transport or transported. The Regulations are a set of rules that prescribe safety standards and shipping requirements for thousands of different dangerous goods.

Make Sure You Are In Compliance with the TDG

Are you complying with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods / Clear Language? Have they been certified? What managers, drivers, dock workers, shippers and receivers need to know! Plain language legislation is now in place and requires that all Canadian workers transporting chemicals be trained in the use of protective measures and reporting procedures.