Working at Heights Training

Fall ArrestEmployers are required to train workers to use fall arrest systems and other personal protective equipment correctly while performing these jobs. Workers who wear fall arrest devices while working, and those who may perform rescue activities, should also be training in: How ascertain whether their personal protective equipment is properly fitted and worn, so that it performs as intended.

This Fall-Protection online training course will teach all workers how to protect themselves by way of guarding, travel restraint and finally fall arrest. A practical component on inspection, donning and doffing the harnesses are included with this course.

Fall Protection Training Course

Our Fall Protection Program will provide participating employers and employees with:

  • an understanding of their duties and responsibilities when working in areas where fall hazards exist;
  • the use of and inspection of the required equipment and;
  • critical controls necessary to reduce the risk of a fall.

Upon successful completion, a certificate will be issued automatically.

Fall Protection Training